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Driving a fast car

New, Used Or Vintage? The Ultimate Motorcycle Buying Guide

by Nina Stevens

When buying a motorcycle, you could be in a dilemma of whether to buy a new, used or vintage bike. This confusion could often predispose you to purchase the wrong bike. This extract compares the three options to ensure you have an easy time making your choice. 

Buying A New Bike

New bikes suit people who intend to take advantage of the latest motorcycle technologies. Besides their appeal, these bikes are highly durable since they come with new parts. Moreover, these bikes often come with a manufacturer's warranty. This way, you do not have to worry about defects caused by the manufacturer's negligence. When purchasing a new motorbike, compare the available models by interviewing other bike enthusiasts and reading motorcycle blogs and magazines. This way, you can easily decide which model suits your tastes and current needs. 

Buying A Used Bike

Used motorcycles are a value for your dollar since they are cheaper than new bikes. Nevertheless, they might have minor defects due to poor servicing or normal wear and tear. The rule is to inspect the motorcycle to establish whether it is in an acceptable state. Look out for the following; 

  • Ask the owner for service records to know whether they follow the recommended logbook maintenance schedules.
  • Inspect the bike for frayed wiring, bent rims, body damage, missing components and a defective cluster. Although the bike is used, all components must be fully functional.
  • What is the bike's mileage? It gives insights into its durability and the need for urgent repairs. For instance, if the bike has been running for hundreds of thousands of kilometres, it might need an engine overhaul.
  • Test the motorcycle to determine braking, transmission, handling and performance issues. 

Buying A Vintage Bike

A vintage bike allows you to own a piece of history. They are the perfect bike to show off to your friends or take to bike events. Research is at the heart of your vintage bike purchase. Identify models with a rich history or those that are pretty popular among biking circles. Vintage bikes are an investment. Therefore, assess the bike's average appreciation per year. This way, you know how much you can make from the bike. Where do you purchase a vintage bike? You could buy the bike at vintage bike auctions or from owners. Bikes sold at auction are often in impeccable condition. However, you could buy the bike above its market price since you must bid against other buyers. If you wish to purchase the bike from its owner, assess its condition to ensure it is in an acceptable condition. Remember to ask for the bike's paperwork to know how and where it has been used in its lifetime. 

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