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Driving a fast car

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Outboard Motor?

by Nina Stevens

Outboard motors are an essential part of many boats owned by Australian's across the country. The lucky aspect of being alone on an island means that almost all states and territories have access to the ocean. Outboard motors can power boats from as little as a dinghy all the way up to quite impressive yachts, but eventually, just like all components, there will come a time when you need to replace your motor and upgrade it. If you aren't sure whether you have reached that stage yet, then here are a few signs that might indicate that you have.

Spending More On Petrol

Every new generation of outboard motors gets more and more efficient at using the fuel that powers it. If you find that your petrol bill is getting bigger and bigger every time you take your boat out for a ride, then you might be starting to lose fuel efficiency. In the long run, upgrading your outboard motors will mean that you save quite a significant amount if you use your boat a lot. The best news? There is a very strong market for second-hand outboard motors which can save you quite a bit of cash when you go to upgrade your current one. 

Simplify Everything

It's no secret that technology is getting more and more consumer-friendly in every industry, and that includes the boating world. While you may be used to your current motor, if you find it a bit finicky or difficult to operate, then upgrading to outboard motors with digital controls can help make your time out on the water more relaxing. It also means that when it comes time to teach your children or even your grandchildren how to use the boat that they will catch on far quicker and be able to help you out more.

Repairs Keep Piling Up

If you are spending hundreds of dollars every time you go to turn your boat on because the outboard motors have one problem or another, then this is a sign to upgrade to something more reliable. When you buy a new outboard motor, you also get the peace and security of the warranty that comes with it, so for 3-5 years, you won't have to pay anything for these unscheduled maintenance visits if you follow the agreement (not that there are very many repairs needed on new outboard motors!). Don't put up with a motor that makes you want to stop your seafaring altogether, get something new and preppy and rediscover your love of the ocean.