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Driving a fast car

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Anchor Winch?

by Nina Stevens

For anyone who loves boating and marine expeditions, there are terms you'll undoubtedly encounter as you accessorise your boat. Anchor winches or windlasses are an excellent place to start with such terminology. They refer to an accessory you need to position your boat correctly when cruising on the water. Technically, anchor winches come in handy when you need to change your boat's position severally on fishing trips or leave hurriedly when the need arises. Sadly, most boat owners have scanty information about anchor winches. Well, read on for all the tips you need to get this right: 

Technical Details

Choosing the right anchor winch is not a walk in the park. The numerous options available and competing brands make it hard for boat owners to narrow down to what they want. Thankfully, a good understanding of the technical details will leave you better placed to make an informed decision.

First, make sure you know the exact length and weight of your boat. These two attributes will determine the length and size of the chain and rope you get for your anchor winch. Additionally, it would help if you also had an estimate of the depth of water that you frequent with your boat. 

The general rule of thumb is a ratio of three to one, the three being the length of the rope and the chain, while the one represents the water's depth. This ensures that you have enough rope and chain length when you take on your boating expeditions. 

Anchor Winch Location

It also helps to think about your anchor winch's location. Typically, you don't want to suffocate the anchor such that you have a hard time operating and making the most of it. At the same time, you don't want it taking up too much space and leaving little room habitable room on the boat. Those with small boats should consider going for an anchor winch fitted on the deck because it leaves an open chamber that you can use for storage. At the same time, such anchor winches improve the boat's maneuverability by giving you a higher degree of control. 

Anchor Winch Capacity

It is imperative to check and ensure that the anchor winch is robust enough to retrieve your rope. Ideally, the recommended working load is the ability to lift the chain, anchor and rope simultaneously. Check with your vendor to make sure that your boat anchor winch meets the standards.   

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