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Driving a fast car

Top Features to Look for When Buying a Cruiser Motorcycle

by Nina Stevens

Personal or public means of transportation can get you from point A to point B efficiently. However, if you are looking for convenience, then you might want to invest in a cruiser motorcycle rather than a personal car. The best thing about a cruiser motorcycle is that you can use it for everyday commuting and weekend adventure riding. No other motorcycle type offers this flexibility. However, you must explore a couple of features before buying a cruiser motorcycle.

Relaxed Foot Forward

One significant feature that identifies a cruiser motorcycle from the pack is the positioning of the foot. While the foot pedal on most bikes is positioned slightly in front of the knee, the one on a cruiser motorcycle is positioned a bit further. The positioning allows a rider to extend their foot forward in a relaxed manner. It is an important feature, especially for riders that use their cruiser motorcycle for everyday commuting needs. The reason is that riding a bike with the knee flexed at 90 degrees for extended periods is not comfortable. Therefore, the relaxed foot-forward position stretches the leg muscles, thereby reducing strain to the leg and making riding easy and comfortable.

Low Seat Height

Another key feature you should look at when buying a cruiser motorcycle is the seat height. Cruiser motorcycles have a characteristic low seat height compared to other motorcycles and for a good reason — comfort. See, with a foot pedal positioned further to the front, it would be very uncomfortable if the seat were high. The low seat height makes it easy for a rider to extend their foot and reach the foot pedal for a more comfortable ride. Additionally, the low seat height makes it convenient to ride on uneven pavement. Notably, low seats allow for softer suspensions, which are much more comfortable than standard suspensions. Besides, low seat height also makes it easy to get on or off the bike.

Accessories Room

Why would you want to buy a motorcycle that you cannot easily customise yourself? The ease with which you can personalise your bike means that you can add character to it, and this is what you should look for in a cruiser motorcycle. Does it have room for saddlebags? Can you add a backrest without making the motorcycle appear bulky? These are some of the questions that can be answered by a cruiser motorcycle. For instance, the frame of a cruiser motorcycle is big enough to accommodate a backrest and a saddlebag system. The more room a frame has, the more accessories you can add to a cruiser motorcycle.

Consider these features as you look for a motorcycle, like a Honda road motorcycle