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Driving a fast car

Tips for Buying a Jet Ski

by Nina Stevens

A jet ski is essential for most water sports enthusiasts. This article is for people who want to buy a jet ski but do not have an idea of where to start. 

Different brands to choose from

There are many benefits to buying an established brand of jet ski. First is that spare parts and customer support are readily available in most cities. Established brands have quality products because their jet skis have been tested for years. Brand-name jet skis usually have a long history of durability and performance. Jet skis from established brands are also readily available.

What type of jet ski do you need? 

There are various jet ski models, each with its unique specifications. These questions can help you choose a specific model of jet ski:

  1. What amount of power do you need the jet ski to have? Supercharged jet skis are great performers on the water, while non-supercharged jet skis are more fuel efficient.
  2. How many passengers do you want to carry on the jet ski?
  3. What kind of hull do you want on the jet ski? Some are designed for rivers, while others are designed to perform in the ocean. 

Deals, pricing and warranties

Do some research and buy the jet ski from a dealer who has a running promotion. You can also purchase your jet ski just before the release of a new model. Dealers sell jet skis at a lower price during this period as they want to clear their stock. Most major manufacturers will offer you a warranty on a new jet ski. Ensure that you understand the terms of the warranty. 


Insuring your jet ski is vital. Do some research on jet ski insurance and take the option which pleases you. Some manufacturers offer their clients insurance services, so you can compare these against what your insurance company has to offer. 

Jet ski maintenance

Observe the following maintenance measures:

  • Read the user manual to understand how to take care of the jet ski.
  • Always observe the recommended service intervals.
  • Observe caution as you load and transport your jet ski.
  • To prevent water damage, use a personal watercraft lift when the jet ski is not in use.
  • Always flush the engine after riding the jet ski. 

When buying a jet ski, decide on the make and model. Look for dealers with excellent pricing, get jet ski insurance and observe the recommended maintenance tips.