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Driving a fast car

Preparing for a Day Out on a Barbeque Boat

by Nina Stevens

For a relaxing day when the weather is hot, there's nothing quite like renting a boat and drifting aimlessly on the water with good company. Being in a boat is a peaceful experience, and one that can leave you feeling refreshed and revived after the stresses of modern life.

A particular type of boat that's currently popular is a bbq boat hire. Using this type of vessel means you can sit with your friends and family, enjoying conversation and good times while simultaneously whipping up delicious food. To get the most out of the experience, follow this checklist and make sure you have everything prepared.


If you're spending time on a barbeque boat, you'll need something to barbeque! First of all, find out if food is included in your package—you don't want to waste money buying more if you don't need to. If it is, make sure whatever is provided is to your liking, and that everyone will be catered to.

If you need to buy food, keep it simple. Get burgers, sausages, or steaks—whatever you think everyone will enjoy, but not so much food that it will be a burden. Remember, you're also there to enjoy the scenery and the experience.

Include some cold extras like salad and bread, and check if you need to cater for vegetarians or anyone with allergies.


Again, it's best to keep this simple to save space and so it doesn't become overwhelming. Maybe a couple of bottles of wine, a few beers, and a soft drink choice will be enough to make sure everyone is happy. Then again, if you think everyone will want beer, why bother with anything else? Just make sure the person driving the boat doesn't have too many. Whatever you choose, make sure you pack some water as well, to stave off dehydration.


The boat might include a speaker system, so find out. If not, a simple portable speaker will do the trick, with an MP3 player. Make sure it's fully charged and loaded with a good selection of songs. If you or one of your party plays guitar or another suitable musical instrument, perhaps this is a good opportunity to get together for a sing-along.


You'll need a way to keep drinks and raw food cold, which might be included with the boat, but make sure you find out. If not, invest in a portable cooler and plenty of ice.

Sometimes, weather can change without warning, so get everyone to bring a coat or sweater in case they need it. Most of all, bring your sense of adventure and have an unforgettable time.