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Driving a fast car

Tips to Keep Your Diesel-Powered Boat Engine Running Smoothly

by Nina Stevens

If your boat is powered by a diesel engine, routine maintenance of the engine will ensure you get years and years of reliable service from your boat. Here are some basic maintenance tips that can keep your diesel-powered engine running smoothly for its entire lifespan:

Keep water out of the engine

Your engine comprises various fluids, including engine oil and radiator coolant that must not mix with water. If these engine fluids mix with water, they will become contaminated and will need to be flushed out of the system. Aside from that, contaminated engine fluid will not be able to carry out their function properly, and the water may corrode metal parts thus causing costly damage to your engine.

To minimise water ingress into the engine assembly, you should make sure your engine is tightly sealed. Make sure the head gasket and all seals are in good shape and completely watertight.

Change engine oil when required

Engine oil, one of the fluids that your diesel boat engine uses, performs so many important functions. First, it keeps various moving parts of the engine well-lubricated. Second, it serves as a coolant that helps keep the engine from overheating. Third, it protects turbochargers, cylinder walls, and other metal parts of the engine by providing a seal that prevents rust and corrosion.

Over time, however, engine oil becomes dirty and will need to be changed. Fortunately, it is easy to change the oil on diesel engines as long as you are equipped with the know-how. Diesel engine oil change should be performed as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, boat owners are required to change engine oil based upon specific time intervals or distance travelled, but a qualified mechanic can recommend an oil change more frequently than expected, e.g. during winterisation.

It is a smart thing to change oil filters during engine oil change, as the two components work in tandem to ensure optimal engine efficiency.

Use clean fuel

Adulterated diesel is another cause of boat engine failures. If the diesel that you purchase is not properly refined, it will leave hard particulates in your engine, and the buildup can make it difficult for moving parts to run smoothly. 

Always make sure the diesel that you pour in your fuel tank is clean. It is a good idea to buy your diesel from a registered fuel station. It also goes without saying that you should never put the wrong type of fuel in your diesel-powered engine.

For more information on diesel marine engine services, contact your local diesel mechanic!