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Driving a fast car

Get the Ideal Maxwell Anchor Winch With These Guidelines

by Nina Stevens

Sitting at an anchor enjoying your environment can be fun. But the situation can turn into a frustrating one when you realise that your anchor has pulled. Poor anchoring skills can lead to such a situation. But, it can also be that you did not choose the ideal anchor winch for your boat. The only way to enjoy the benefits that come with using an anchor winch is to select the ideal one. Here are guidelines to help you when shopping for an anchor winch.

The Space Below the Deck

An anchor winch and chain can use up a lot of space. Thus, you should find out the available space in your boat under the deck. Some winches will use more space than others. Vertical windlass winches tend to have the gypsy and capstan above the deck. The gearbox and motor then go below the deck. Horizontal windlasses, however, are all above the deck. These are best when you do not have enough space under the deck for the winch and the chain. 

Length of the Anchor Chain

Before you buy an anchor winch, you need to know the length and weight of the anchor rod. The anchor winches contain details of the perfect specifications. These details include the length of the boat, chain and rope that is a perfect fit for the anchor winch. Thus, you can get the ideal winch for your boat. Another option is to change the specifics of your boat to suit the winch you buy. Also, get the right chain size. That will ensure it matches the gypsy. A mismatch of these two elements could lead to issues with your chain wheel. 

Analyse the Pull Capacity Needed

The anchor winch may fail at the worst moments when it is not strong enough for the load. Before you install these devices, check their pull strength. The anchor winch should prove strong enough to pull the rope. Additionally, it should have enough anchor strength to hold your boat. The best winch to get for your boat is one that has a pull capacity to lift the rope, chain and anchor when your boat is suspending on the water floor. 


Having the ideal anchor winch for your boat can allow you to enjoy your time in the water. You can secure the vessel, keep calm and soak in the perfect conditions of the environment around you. Proper installation and maintenance are also necessary. That is why you should work with experts from the time you begin looking for an anchor winch, including a Maxwell anchor winch